Mira el mashup de Game of Thrones con The White Stripes

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Por medio del canal de YouTube de The Merkins, se viralizo el video de una parodia de la rola de The White Stripes, en el que el ejército dirigido por el Rey de la Noche canta su propia versión de Seven Nation Army.

Esta parodia fue titulada “Seven Kingdom Army” y se puede disfrutar de ese divertido video, en que los guerreros recrean el video de la rola de Meg y Jack White.

 [youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0w0EqKfij8″]


Aquí les va la letra:

“We are gonna ice them all
A Seven Kingdom army could’nt hold us back

We are smashing through The Wall
Scaping your fire and dragon glass

And in the darkness of the cold long night
I bet you can’t forget
Back with force kill mankind with my army of dead

And the color coming form our eyes says we are in control

They’re all in fear about us
Every single one is gonna fear our cold spell
Everyone knows about us From the Queen of Kingdoms
To the hound as well

And if I catch you with my dragons flame
I’m gonna turn your eyes blue

And that ain’t what you want to hear
But that’s what i’ll do

And the freezing coming off my clothes
Says Game of Thrones

We’re gonna breach the Wall
Fighting with icicles, spears and swords

We’re gonna freeze them all
And make the ice stick our of every pore

And I’m leading
And I’m leading
And I’m leading
Walkers form the North

All the Walkers gonna obey me
And we will go to war

And the cold is coming from your blood
Winter’s coming home”.

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